Wax Me Pretty books all of our appointments with an additional fifteen minutes to accommodate parking, filling out appropriate forms and payment. For ideal waxing conditions, hair should be between 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch long; approximately three weeks after your last shave and four to six weeks after your last wax is required. We highly recommend booking ahead to best accommodate your schedule. In fact, we recommend it so much that you will get five dollars off every time you do. When scheduling your appointments, keep your cycle in mind! We have no problem with it, we just ask that you take our waxers into consideration and please wear a clean tampon.  


We will try our best to accommodate late appointments but if you are more than fifteen minutes late we will have to re-reschedule. Just make sure you give yourself a little extra time to park!


We ask that you please give us 24 hour notice of your cancelled appointment