Introducing you to a world of waxing! Wax Me Pretty is owned and operated by a waxing specialist herself. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction in every service we provide.


Wax Me Pretty is located in Tustin at The District Promenade inside of Phenix Salon. We are next to Five Guys Burgers on the movie theater side of The District.

2435 Park Ave Suite 126
  Tustin CA 92782





Wax Me Pretty would like to wish you and your loved ones a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!

Holiday Hours:

Thanksgiving Day: Closed

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Christmas Day: Closed

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Brazilian $57

Removes hair from the belly trail, inner thighs, booty crack and everything in between

The Playboy $57

Seen in most of the Playboy models where all the hair is removed from the belly trail, inner thighs, booty crack and everything in between except for a very narrow "landing strip" 

Extended Bikini $47

This wax is great for those of you who don't want to be completely bare and just want a nice cleanup. Keeping everything inside the bikini, we remove hair from the top, sides and a little from the lip area. You are left with a "Chaplin Stache" in front and down the middle. The extended bikini wax does not include booty crack or belly trail

Bikini $37

Great for our teenage waxers. Includes everything outside the bikini line. Does not include belly trail


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